How to set up google my business
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This Guide will show you, step by step, how to set up Google Business Profile (earlier known as Google My Business) like the pros at our SEO Agency.

We’ll walk you through everything, from finding an existing listing, to getting verified, creating posts, managing reviews, and more.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to manage a Google Business Profile that will help convert users into your customers.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, earlier known as Google My Business – or GMBs – are business listings that show up in a Google search.

They’re free to create, and show off all your contact info in one place – making it easy for customers to find where you’re located, what services you offer, and even what other customers think of you.

Why do I need a Google Business Profile listing?

According to Google, businesses who have a GBPs are viewed as more reputable, and are twice as likely to be considered by users.

A well maintained GBP listing can help convert customers – even if they don’t visit your business website. It will help establish your business on Google Maps, and even allows your business information to appear before the first search results on mobile.

As well, GBPs offer the opportunity for customers to engage with your business. They can ask you questions, help fellow users out by answering common questions, and leave reviews.

How do I set up Google Business Profile ?

If you interact with customers at your place of business, or deliver a service to customers’ locations, you should be eligible to create a GBP listing.

You can also create a GBP listing for your business even if it hasn’t opened yet. Details on how to add a business before it opens can be found here.

You’ll know you have a GBP if you see this in Google search results:

GMB listing example how to set up google my business

This is called a “Knowledge Panel”. If you haven’t already created a GBP, but your business has been around for a little while, you may already have one! But how can you find it?

Simply log into your Google account. (If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one.)

Go to “find and manage your business”, and type in the name of your business.

Find and manage your business GMB

If your search yields no results, you can “Add your business to Google”.

Once you’ve added your business to Google, you’ll be able to start editing your listing.

Add your business to Google GMB

If a GBP already exists but you didn’t create it…

If a GBP for your business appears which you didn’t create yourself, you can still claim and verify the listing. This will allow you to do things like edit the listing, add information, and reply to reviews and questions.

However, if for some reason, the listing is already verified, (maybe by a previous owner) you will have to request ownership. Here’s how.

Following that same link you did to “find and manage your business”, type in your business name. Select your business from the options given.

Find and manage your business drop down menu GMB

Next, click on the “Request Access” button.

GMB listing has already been claimed

Fill out the form, and click submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email once this is done, and the current owner should get in touch soon.

How to verify a GBP listing

Once you’ve created your new listing, you’ll need to verify to Google that you’re the rightful owner.

You’ll usually be presented with the option to verify via postcard, unless Google deems you eligible to verify via phone, email, or video chat.

Google will send you a verification code via postcard to your business address to confirm your connection to the business. All you have to do is enter this code once you receive it, and you’ll be verified.

Once verified, you can start editing your GBP!

How to optimise your Google Business Profile

You’ll want to fill out as much information as possible to give your business the best chance of appealing to customers, and making conversions.

A lot of users will compare businesses on their GBP listings alone, so don’t underestimate it as an important part of your online presence.

The first thing to do?

Name your business

Some businesses use this as an opportunity to keyword stuff, but don’t do this. It might actually work against you in SEO.

Make sure you use your real business name, the same one on all your signs – your official business name.

If your business is a franchise, or one location of many, add the suburb onto your business name.

Name your business GMB
GMB business name

Add a short name

You’ll have the option to create a short/custom name, or short URL for your business, which can help customers find you more easily. You can also use these short URLs to request reviews from customers.

This short name could be a casual name that people use to regularly refer to your business, or your business name plus your location or suburb – e.g. Subway Doncaster.

Unfortunately, your short name has to be unique – no other business can use the same one. Which means you’ll want to set this up ASAP.

Generally, it’s a good idea to take this short name from your website’s URL. For example, if your business name is “Number one plumbing”, but your URL is, your short name could be ‘no 1 plumbing’.

GMB short name
GMB short name short link

Choose your business category

Once you’ve set your business name, you’ll have to choose your business category.

Your primary category will let users know exactly what the core of your business is.

GMB business categories
GMB primary category

When you type in your category, Google will provide you with a drop down menu of options. Choose the most relevant one available.

Additional categories are where you can enter any other categories that are relevant to your business, within reason of course. Here’s what Google advises:

Be specific when choosing a category. For example, choose “Nail Salon” instead of “Salon”. Use additional categories to let customers know more about the specific services you provide. If you manage a grocery store that includes a pharmacy and deli, you would choose “Grocery Store” as your primary category and add “Pharmacy” and “Deli” as additional categories.

You can also use additional categories to list other locations, for example. More on that here.

Set your location

It’s time to put your business on the map!

Only list your address if you expect customers to visit you at this location. If you’re a service business who only travels to your customers for example, and don’t want customers turning up at your office, you won’t have to list your address. Instead, skip to “Set your delivery/service area” below.

Enter your complete business address, including any floor or suite numbers. Google will either find the exact location already on the map, or a red pin will appear. In the latter case, you’ll have to move this pin to the exact centre of your location on the map.

GMB set business location
GMB move business location pin

Store Codes

Store Codes are to help multi-location businesses manage their listings. With these codes, you’ll be able to bulk upload listings into Google Business Profile . Each location can have its own unique store code of up to 64 characters.

To find out more about what’s allowed in these store codes, check out Google’s recommendations here.

GMB store codes

If you don’t have multiple locations, you won’t need to worry about this (or the next) step.


Think of Google Labels like tags. These are also optional, but if you’re managing a large number of locations, labels will help to organise your locations into smaller groups.

GMB Labels

For example, you could use Google Labels to group locations by states, area codes, or other defining factors.You can also use them in Google Ads. Google lets you assign up to 10 labels per location. Read more about it here.

Set your delivery/service area

If you have a delivery service, you can select to show this on your GBP listing. Opt for “Yes, I also serve them outside my location”, then enter the areas you serve.

You can always edit these later if you expand (or restrict) your service areas.

GMB delivery service areas

Edit your business hours

The intent behind so many business searches is to find out opening hours. If you keep these updated, your customers will certainly appreciate it.

You can enter your regular business hours for each day of the week, but there’s also an option for Special Hours.

Special Hours allow you to enter any unusual or irregular hours you may be open for specific dates, such as public holidays.

Do not underestimate how much customers will appreciate information about changed opening hours on public holidays!

GMB opening hours
GMB opening hours

Add your phone number

Enter your business phone number in the “Primary Phone” field.

You can enter any other numbers your business uses in the “Additional Phone” fields.

However, if you use a call tracking number, put this tracking number in your “Primary Phone” field instead. You can then enter your regular number in the “Additional Phone” field.

GMB phone number
GMB business phone number
GMB additional phone

Further down under the opening hours, you’ll find the option to enter your website.

Enter the URL of your business website’s homepage. If your business has multiple locations, it may be better to link each suburb page with their corresponding location specific business listing.

GMB link to business website
GMB link to business website

If you want to see how many users have come to your website from your GBP listing, you can also add a custom Google Analytics UTM tracking code to your URL. It doesn’t take long and you can learn how to insert a UTM code here.

Appointment URL

This is where you can link to a contact page, or online booking system.

GMB appointment links

Menu URL for restaurants

This is for restaurants to link to an online menu. Note that you won’t be able to link to a PDF file, only a page on your website.

Restaurants are also given the option of adding menu items straight to the GBP listing. Find out more about the menu editor here.


Not all businesses will have the option to list products. But if Google deems you eligible, you shouldn’t list every single product. Think of this as an opportunity to show a sample of your best, most enticing offers. Keep your eye on trends and update these products to best appeal to what you predict to be your searchers’ needs.

You’ll be given 1000 characters to write a product description, which should be enough room to write as you usually would on your website.

GMB add or edit products
GMB how to create product posts


The Services section on Google Business Profile allows you to list specific services you offer to customers, along with a short description for each. For example, if you’re a beauty salon, you could list services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc.

GMB add services


Depending on the type of your business, Google will give you a selection of different attributes to choose from. These can include things such as wheelchair accessible, outdoor setting, and more. Select all that apply to your business, but leave any that don’t. Google is able to confirm these attributes via crowd-sourcing answers from customers if needed.

GMB edit attributes
GMB attributes
GMB add attributes


You’ll be given 750 characters to sum up your business, the first 244 of which your customers will be able to see on your listing before clicking ‘More’. Use this space to let people know what type of service you offer, how you can help them, and why you’re different from your competitors.

Whatever you do, don’t use this space to keyword stuff. There’s no point customers finding your business only to be turned off once they read your confusing, keyword-heavy description.

See Supple’s below:

GMB description


Google has seen that businesses with photos on their listings receive 40% more requests for directions. For this reason, photos are said to be a conversion factor but not a ranking factor.

To add photos to your listing, select “photos” in the side menu.

GMB photos

Your cover photo will usually be the first image people see when they come across your listing, so choose this one carefully. Avoid using stock photos – your potential customers want to get to know your business, not some fake representation.

GMB edit photos

Photos of your employees, and depending on your business, any photos that give potential customers a feel for the place are perfect for your GBP. You want your potential customers to be able to visualise themselves visiting your store, restaurant, or other.


You also have the option to upload videos of up to 30 seconds to your listing. You can show off the interior, exterior, or even give a 360 virtual tour. Videos really help potential customers feel comfortable to visit your business location, because they’ll have a much clearer idea of what to expect, and what to look out for.

GMB videos
GMB videos


Formerly ‘Business Cards’, Google Business Profile posts have been slow to catch on with business owners. Posts give your business an opportunity to make Facebook-like posts on your listing, that anyone can see. You can post about events, promotions, products, or more general information. You’ll be able to write a short post, with images, videos and CTAs included.

GMB posts
GMB how to create posts
GMB how to create posts
GMB how to create posts
GMB how to create posts

Can random people really make changes to my Google Business Profile?

Yes, they can! But if you know how to manage your listing well, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here’s what you need to know…

Business Info

Users can make suggestions for you to edit your business name, opening hours, phone number, attributes, and more. But these changes won’t be published unless you, the owner, accept them. You will be able to reject any suggestions you don’t agree with.


Users can also add images to your listing, without permission. You’ll be able to find these images by going to the section of ‘By customer’.

GMB how to find pictures and videos users upload
GMB how to report pictures and video users upload


Users can also add video of your business to your listing. Other users love being able to picture themselves visiting your business, it gives them a sense of reassurance. So if a customer puts up a great video of your business, that’s fantastic free advertising.

Again, these can also be reported by the business owner and removed by Google if a user has uploaded inappropriate or irrelevant content.


Anyone with a Google account can leave a review of your business. Whilst this is a scary thought for some, reviews hold the most weight in a customer’s decision process, so it’s important to get them.

Want to increase the number of reviews on your listing?

You can create a link that will allow customers to write Google reviews for your listing straight from your website.

By making it easier for existing customers to write reviews, you’ll increase the number of reviews on your listing, which will in turn help to assure potential customers. Check out Supple’s Google Review link generator tool to create your own.

How to remove fake or inappropriate reviews

If someone has left you a fake review, or has confused your business for a different place, you can ask Google to remove it.

Make sure the review you want to flag comes under Google’s policies before you follow these steps to flag an inappropriate review. You can read about Google’s review policies here.

If it’s simply a negative review of your business with critical feedback, unfortunately you won’t be able to get rid of it.

In these cases, the best thing you can do about a negative review is actually to respond, calmly and professionally to the customer. Apologise for their disappointing experience, and offer to either compensate them, or promise to take on board their feedback. This will satisfy the customer that you have heard their grievances, and that you are willing to do something about it.

In any case, be polite, and always professional.

GMB how to report reviews
GMB how to report reviews
GMB how to report reviews

Questions and Answers

Any user can ask or answer a question about your business, so it’s important to keep an eye on your listing’s Questions and Answers section.

Although you don’t have control over what users will say here, you can answer questions as the business owner. You can also “like” questions and answers, to help bump up the best ones.

Make sure you respond to answers through your business account as the business owner, and not through your personal Google account.

How do I report an inappropriate question on my Google Business Profile listing?

If someone has asked a question or given an answer that is inappropriate, you can report it to Google. But first, check if it violates Google’s terms here.

And to make it all even easier?

You can now manage your listing through the Google My Business app, which you can download here. You’ll be able to respond to reviews, post photos, and see how customers are interacting with your business in real time.

Complete your listing

Once you’ve filled in all your information, added your pictures, services or products, you can check if you’ve missed anything. Simply click on ‘home’ in the left-side menu, and Google will suggest any areas to improve on.

GMB complete your listing - how to set up google my business

A fully optimised Google Business Profile converts

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of a fully optimised Google Business Profile listing.

A one-stop-shop for customers, it has all the information they’re looking for at a glance – your location, opening hours, services, products, photos, and reviews. And now you have the ultimate guide on how to set up and manage your Google Business Profile.

Remember, customers are twice as likely to consider your business once you’ve got a well managed GBP. Not to mention your advantage up the top of the search results.

And if they can find everything they’re looking for in one simple Google search, without having to do any digging on your website, they’ll be more likely to become your customer.

If you need someone to help you with this process you can always reach out to Supple – a leading Digital Marketing Agency.


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