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Supple has been named one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia, and we’re always on the lookout for new employees to help expand and grow our SEO company – along with our clients’ companies! Supple is a family, and when we’re looking for a new addition, we care about what’s in our prospective employee’s head and their heart.

To keep up with the competitive, fast-paced landscape of digital marketing, we’re looking for employees that share ten key traits and values.


A Supple employee needs to be confident. We’re a company that wants our clients to feel in safe hands – to inspire confidence in others, one must have confidence in oneself. This means having a voice, sharing your opinion and taking critical feedback with self-assurance.


A Supple employee needs to be goal driven, and always strive for their own personal best. Our service is all about helping businesses reach their full potential, so it’s a trait we look for in our employees too. This means always taking that extra step to improve your performance, learning and growing with the job.


Supple is all about flexibility – it’s where we get our name from. The digital marketing landscape of today isn’t what it was yesterday – and it’s not what it will be tomorrow. Staying up-to-date with changing strategies and techniques, along with constantly auditing and modifying our own services to tailor a strong-performing digital strategy for each client, means that flexibility is vital.


Being able to sell yourself as confident, driven, flexible and reliable is all well and good – but we need our employees to back that up with in-depth know-how. Whatever position you’re in, we expect a comprehensive understanding of how the job works, as well as a willingness to learn more and stay on top of changing trends. We’re a smart company – we need smart employees to match.


At Supple, our first responsibility is always to the customer. It’s part of the reason why we’ve been so successful, and how we’ve maintained relationships with over 1000+ satisfied clients. When it comes to finding a new employee, we need someone who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure we maintain our reputation for customer satisfaction.


Having the skills and know-how is important – but translating that into quality results is key to our services. Supple provides regular SEO strategy audits for our clients, taking a look at the results we achieve and how to make them better. We need someone who cares about getting results, and is willing to try new ways to achieve results if previous strategies haven’t been working.


We don’t believe that people ever stop learning. While you may have finished a degree, or feel you have a solid understanding of a particular field, there’s always more to learn. The IT landscape is something that’s constantly shifting, and we need employees that value the process of learning. Our company is all about improving others – but improving ourselves is a key part of that.


Being a positive person is essential to a Supple employee. Our offices are positive environments, places where we foster a sense of community amongst employees. Bringing a sense of joy, excitement and curiosity to the role will help you fit right in – and help you aim higher with your own work.


Above all else, we look for employees that carry themselves with integrity. Our customers put their faith in us, and we don’t take shortcuts to meet (and exceed) their expectations. Maintaining an open, honest and principled service is as important to us as it is to our clients.

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Supple is an award winning digital marketing agency that began as an SEO agency, but has now expanded to offer various digital marketing services to Sydney- and Melbourne-based businesses. This includes SEO, Adwords management, Facebook advertising and custom built websites, to name just a few!

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If you would like to send further details and want to kick start your next role with one of the fastest Australian growing companies, email your CV and the supporting material to [email protected] OR use this form.



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