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Most customers don’t click past the first page of Google search results. The only way to rise to the top is to use effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies.

At our digital marketing agency, we specialise in understanding various factors that go into deciding which sites rank where - and it's through this specialist knowledge that Supple can boost your online visibility and increase sales.

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We Are Featured In:

Competitor Analysis

See what your competitors are doing - so you can do better.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to use helps you be seen in more Google results.

Structured Data Mark-up

Structuring your data can help Google find & showcase your USPs better!

Google Analytics Tracking

Track how your site is performing to tailor a more dynamic SEO strategy.

Page Speed Optimisation

Fast loading speeds result in better user experience - and more conversions!

Building Page Authority

Teaching Google to see you as an authority in your industry boosts your ranking.

Link Building

Acquire quality links to outperform your competition.

Local SEO

Local SEO plays a huge part in customers’ search for brick and mortar stores, so we make sure our clients are found through local searches.


Advertise The Strategic Way

If you want to make sure your website is visible to your customers, Google AdWords is the way to do it. AdWords lets you bid on certain keywords to make your site to appear in prime position as an advertisement in search results.

For the most effective AdWords use, you need the right keywords in strong ads ‒ that’s where our digital marketing agency comes in.

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Google Partner Accredited

Only agencies that achieve the high standards set by Google can be certified as Google Partners, providing trusted online marketing solutions.

Like any financial investment, knowing how to get the most bang for your buck will always yield the greatest net profit - and at our digital marketing agency we go through the following steps to tailor high-yield, high-conversion AdWords strategies.

  • Consultation / discussion to identify your market share / potential customer

  • Broader market research and keyword planning

  • Identifying optimal search queries to target

  • Identify “negative keywords” to minimize wasted expenditure

  • Copywriting / crafting engaging AdWords content

  • Ongoing AdWords tracking and quarterly audits


Convert Customers With Engaging Designs

Good web design is more than pretty pictures and a nice layout. It’s about content that is easy to use, encourages engagement, represents your brand and takes your customer where you want them to go.

With so many elements to consider, our digital marketing agency will help you manage all the moving parts.

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We Are Featured In:

With a team of gifted designers and developers on-hand, our digital marketing agency creates websites that perfectly balance functionality with your own particular flair - and you can rest assured, we won't launch until you're 100% satisfied.

Our process includes:

  • Brand discussion and strategising identification of magnetic client

  • Home page design / development

  • Inner pages design / development (i.e. product detail page, blog etc.)

  • Integrating to Content Management System (CMS) of your choice

  • Ongoing development and design updates in the whole process

  • Page speed optimised content and coding

  • Training in content management system and basic SEO for your convenience


Turn Window Shoppers into Customers

Retargeting 'follows' potential customers that have left your site and helps you get them back. Even if they haven't made a purchase, we can position targeted ads in front of them while they browse other sites - and hit them with a friendly reminder that you still exist.

The end result is that you stay in the front of their mind - always.

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Client Testimonials

I engaged Supple to perform an audit for Aeon and have been very impressed by the quality of their work. I am now confident that Aeon meets industry best practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Supple to others.

Paul Hains, Publisher & Co-founder


I can't recommend Supple enough - the team handled my web design and SEO, and now I have a fantastic looking website and a lot more web traffic coming onto it through Google.

Steve & Duncan

D & S pallets
D & S pallets

I would highly recommend the team at Supple to any business that is looking to improve their SEO strategy and web design.

Stuart Lancaster - General Manager

Maroondah Air
Maroondah Air

Access Health engaged Supple to host and improve the website that we had with Exa. We are very pleased with the transition and would recommend Supple to any company looking to host their website and do their SEO.

Peter Wilson - Owner

Access Health
Access Health

While getting someone to visit your site initially is a key part of the marketing battle, ensuring they can easily remember and return to your site when they're ready to make a purchase is the best way to guarantee higher conversion rates.

To make this happen, our digital marketing agency focuses on the following steps:

  • Retargeting On The Web

    Expertise across the full range of potential retargeting avenues using DoubleClick, Facebook Exchnage, OpenX, PubMatic, ...

  • Tracking site visitors and conversions

    Crafting engaging retargeting ads (Six different sizes)

  • Facebook Retargeting

    Target lost shoppers based on what pages they visited in your store, geography, time of day, and more!

  • Visitors never forget you

    Show your past visitors quality ads wherever they go


Four reasons to book your Supple consultation:

  1. It's a completely free, no-obligation consultation.
  2. You'll get info on what your competition is doing online.
  3. Discover how affordable our packages can be!
  4. There's nothing to lose - walk away more informed either way!

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