Copy Protected Google Sheets Bookmarklet
Copy G Sheet v1.0
updated 08th April 2020

Say, your colleague sends you a Google sheet file or you find a sheet online and want to grab some content from that sheet and paste it into a presentation you are working on or a proposal you are building. And then you see that it’s a protected Google sheet, you try Ctrl+C and are presented with


You try to make a copy or download it and see that, it is not possible either


You try to ping your colleague to give you edit access or to remove the protection but there is no response. We all have been there, this is a quick trick to solve this issue.

This will only work with Google Sheets, it does NOT work with Google Docs or Slides.

Use the bookmarklet to generate an alternate version of the sheet where the copy protection is not active, so now you can copy the content from the sheet and paste it wherever you want. Here is a sample protected 🔒 Google Sheet you can try this on.

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How to copy protected ranges Google sheets to another sheet?

  1. Open the sheet you want to copy in your browser.
  2. Click on Copy G Sheet link in your bookmark bar.
  3. Click on the generated link.
  4. Select the rage you want to copy and press Ctrl+C (Command+C on a Mac).
  5. Open a new Google Sheet by opening in a new browser tab.
  6. Paste the data into the new sheet by using Ctrl+V (Command+V on a Mac).

Is it possible to copy content from a protected Google sheet?

✔ Yes. You can use Supple’s Copy Protected Google Sheets Bookmarklet to create a version of the sheet from which you can copy the content you need.


Can I use this to force copy a protected Google doc?

❌ No. This trick only works with Google Sheets, it will NOT work on Google Docs , Slides, etc


Can I use this to download a protected Google sheet?

❌ No. You will NOT be able to download the sheet BUT you can copy paste the entire content from the sheet to a new sheet.


Won't this be a big security risk? It's not a real security issue, I think it's more of a convenience thing. If you have access to the sheet you can manually type up the whole thing if you really wanted to this just make it a lot easier.