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Podcasts have become a popular source of entertainment for many people, and they are also one of the finest methods to learn from professionals. According to Edison Research, 51% of Americans aged 12 and up listen to podcasts. If the current trends continue, that number will only rise. The big question is: how do you pick the best SEO podcast out of thousands of options?

This list makes the task easier for you. It is compiled with extensive research and includes some really interesting, easy to understand and actionable podcasts. The benefit of learning from professionals on such podcasts is that you gain useful knowledge, recommendations, and insights that you would normally have to consult an SEO agency.

There’s always a lot to think about when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): link building, keyword research, producing relatable content, email marketing and so on. Keeping these in mind, you’ll find a selection of podcasts below that cover various aspects of SEO. These are some of the best podcasts available online that post regularly, and each one will provide useful search marketing information.

1. EDGE of the Web Radio

Host: Erin Sparks, Tom Brodbeck

Edge of the Web is a distinctive digital marketing podcast that dives deep into Search Engine Optimization. The hosts come from an SEO background and delve into the topics backed with personal experiences. They discuss everything ranging from SEO best practices, upcoming digital marketing trends and the hurdles they encounter while executing the marketing strategies.

The podcast is produced by Site Strategics and you get new episodes twice a week. One of them revolves around extensive discussions about SEO. Sparks has invited several industry experts like Rand Fishkin from Moz, YouTuber Tim Schmoyer, Tim Soulo from Ahrefs, and Barry Schwartz on the podcast over the years. Such knowledgeable guests make for an interesting hour where they share their experiences while performing SEO.

The second episode of the week is packed with the latest affairs and news about all that is brewing in the SEO universe. This is something you don’t find very often when looking for worthwhile SEO podcasts. News from the EDGE enables you to keep up with the trends and the ever-changing search engine algorithm through hilarious conversations between Erin Sparks and Mordy Oberstein. This refreshing and in-depth podcast is the winner of the 2017 content marketing award for best podcast/audio series and has received numerous other nominations.

Highlight: Get all the latest news from the EDGE with sassy Mordy Oberstein.

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2. Search Off the Record

Host: John Mueller, Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes

What better way to improve your search marketing than listening to a podcast straight from Google’s search relations team?

Search Off The Record makes that happen. It is a podcast hosted by three experienced members of Google’s Search relations team. You will find it absolutely valuable to listen to the inner workings and get behind the scenes of Google Search and learn SEO-related insights straight from the horse’s mouth.

This is a fairly recent endeavour which enlightens the listeners through the team’s experiences. It is completely SEO focused with a lot of background information about the search engine itself. Listen to this if you want to understand new projects and features of the search console.

While the hosts are thoroughly entertaining and informative themselves, they are often joined by other team members for a deep discussion on various search-related niches. They cover a wide array of topics like how sites are rendered, core web vitals, indexing, serving, tacking web spam, and how the algorithm treats brand new sites. Search Off The Record releases one or two new episodes every month.

Highlight: Exclusive insider knowledge from Google’s Search Relations team.

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3. Search With Candour

Host: Mark Williams-Cook

Search with Candour is hosted by Mark Williams-Cook. He is the marketing director for Candour and has vast knowledge in building SEO strategies that produce excellent results for the clientele. With his fair share of experience, while working SEMrush, FatFace, and Expedia, Mark aims at sharing the insights through his podcast curated in the most detailed and advanced fashion.

This podcast is heaven-sent for all search marketers as they bring in the news about SEO and PPC every week. You get straightforward facts and news without any fluff. This podcast makes the listener’s life easy without trying to get too technical. The topics are discussed in great detail and give you a solid actionable SEO guide.

The guests bring along a wide host of expertise as well. You can gauge the variety you get with a few examples. Listen to Will Critchlow, the CEO of SearchPilot talk about SEO A/B testing or understand the impact and methods of keyword mapping with Sophie Brannon. Not only that, you can understand the microscopic details of performing eCommerce SEO through a conversation with Roman Sadowski or tune in to the extremely popular episode about big site SEO with Andrew Smith of Olivepods.

Highlight: Detailed insights on SEO for large enterprise sites.

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4. MarketingO’clock

Host:  Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine Zirnheld

This next podcast surely makes for the most fun addition to this list. MarketingO’clock is created by the team at Cypress North. The initial aim of the podcast was to present educational content for their listeners and keep them updated on the current SEO news. However, almost 200 episodes later the endeavour moves the SEO industry forward by fostering pivotal conversation with the digital marketing community.

The hosts deliver marketing news mixed with a splash of sass and reveal the SEO accomplishments, resources and tools they employ in their day-to-day lives. You get actionable digital marketing tactics and approaches to adopt in your campaigns, as well as opinions (and occasionally rants) about what helps, what doesn’t, and what has us scratching our minds this week.

The show can be considered lengthier when compared to other SEO podcasts, with the episodes being almost 60 to 90 minutes long. The format is a round table conference amongst the team which is quite appreciated by the audience. It makes the presentation feel more natural, and you can relate with the hosts on a deeper level since they reveal more of their personalities. You can tune in for new episodes every Friday.

Highlight: Neighbourly hosts spilling facts about SEO strategies.

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5. Crawling Mondays

Host: Aleyda Solis

We like this podcast since it covers all areas of SEO, from link building to keyword research to technical audits. Aleyda has established herself as one of the go-to voices in SEO, making her the ideal presenter for interested listeners to learn more from. She speaks really quickly, so be prepared for a lot of great insights.

She started talking to other SEO executives about the many aspects of the industry, such as content optimization, enterprise SEO, SEO automation, SEO audits, and so on. It is topic-focused, with the purpose of going over the key aspects, obstacles, and ideas to better our work and results in the area discussed with other SEOs who have extensive experience in it.

She releases a new episode every month and has some noteworthy guests on the podcast like Patrik Stox, Dana DiTomaso, and Surena Chande.

Highlight: Neat playlists on YouTube for each easy access to each SEO related topic under the sun.

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6. TechSEO Podcast

Host: Keira Davidson

The TechSEO Podcast is intended to provide you with the most recent ideas, opinions, and perspectives from some of the most knowledgeable technical SEO specialists. Keira Davidson hosts the show, and it is produced by Dan Taylor of

They have a new guest every week, and Keira manages to strike the most insightful interaction with them through a slew of intriguing questions that help the listeners get to the bottom of very specific SEO problems. You can experience this first hand with a question and answer episode with SEO expert at Atlassian, Kevin Indig, a discussion on SEO nightmares with Axel Hanson, or the interaction with Russ Jones, Moz’s Principal Search Scientist.

You can browse through the latest season of podcasts to better understand deduping large websites, an effective approach to website migration, and busting some JavaScript SEO myths.

Highlight: The podcast has a detail-oriented approach to niches that you will rarely encounter on any other platform.

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7. Women In Tech SEO

Host:  Sarah McDowell & Areej AbuAli

They are on a quest to highlight all of the amazing women in our profession! You will learn new SEO methods in a fun and accessible way through our weekly episodes, get inspired by our guests’ experiences and what empowers them and keep up with our most recent initiatives and events.

You become a fan of this podcast in particular because it highlights women working in a male-dominated sector and serves as a wonderful form of community for all women in SEO. Each episode focuses on a specific SEO topic, such as core web vitals or keyword mapping, with all-female guests offering their personal experiences, real-life examples, and advice for others.

WTSPodcast is a project of Women in Tech SEO, a support network for women working in technical SEO to discuss, exchange, and learn from one another. The goal is to empower one another in a positive, motivating, and useful way, as well as to assist in creating a network and advancing one’s profession.

Highlight: A strong inspiration for the ladies in the SEO industry on how to pave their way in this niche.

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8. Voice of Search

Host: Benjamin Shapiro

The Voices of Search Podcast provides SEO people with the most up-to-date news and insights to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. Benjamin Shapiro and his guests give actionable insights on leveraging data to navigate the topsy-turvy world being created by Google, Apple, and other search giants from the heart of Silicon Valley. 

This podcast helps keep up with the ever-changing realm of content marketing and search engine marketing. Alongside some fun conversations, discover effective tactics and methods for gaining insights through data to help you manage the chaotic world of SEO.

He invites similar renowned guests to talk extensively about SEO in his Voice of Search podcast. The best part about the podcast is that you receive a new episode almost every day. The short and crisp 10 to 20-minute episodes provide a healthy dose of information balanced with interesting facts about SEO.

Highlight: Short episodes for an SEO boost on the go.

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9. The SEO Rant

Host: Mordy Oberstein

The SEO Rant Podcast allows SEO enthusiasts to discuss their passion. Whether it’s something fantastic about SEO or something they want to burn in the trash, guests on the SEO Rant can express their true feelings about the world of search marketing.

The podcast’s goal is to hand over the mic to its guests and have them offer their unvarnished ideas about SEO. Simultaneously, the SEO Rant strives to bring fresh perspectives on old themes, with both familiar names and some SEO superstars you may not have heard of but should!

Simply put, the SEO Rant is a podcast that allows you to hear what other SEO people think about search marketing. It’s straight-up SEO jargon. It is also the self-declared best SEO podcast available. The SEO Rant Podcast was created to provide a forum for SEOs to voice their innermost thoughts about SEO. It’s about the SEO community being able to communicate both what irritates them about SEO and what makes them enjoy it.

This podcast delves into SEO tactics and strategy while connecting with its guests’ hearts. It’s SEO expertise, but with a twist. The SEOs talk about how they feel about their workspaces and their jobs. And it’s all done with a great deal of levity. A podcast should be amusing, and The SEO Rant does that perfectly.

Highlight: An informal listen to lighten your mood spruced with a handful of SEO-related chats.

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10. The Azeem Digital Asks Podcast

Host: Azeem

The all-around digital marketing podcast is intended to help people of all levels of experience/skill improve their professions. Azeem brings the tips and ideas of the top marketing gurus directly to your ears.

Azeem started this podcast during the pandemic with an aim to make it the best 360-degree digital marketing podcast. He has designed and curated the episodes for listeners of every skill level or experience. 

He has an effortless conversation with some top names in the industry with a mission to uplift the voices of women, people of colour, as well as the marginalized and underrepresented in the SEO industry. The topics vary all through the spectrum from SEO, PPC and digital PR to matters like salary transparency, remote working, diversity and inclusion and so on.

Highlight: Tune in for effortless episodes that seem like water cooler conversations but will leave with your great nuggets of wisdom.

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Host: Fabrizio Ballarini

This one’s a unique podcast. You get to understand the behind the scenes actions of starting a new long-term business primarily via Search Engine Optimization. Fabrizio Ballarini takes us along on the journey while he is on a sabbatical from his day job. It’s an interesting journey for him starting from scratch and sharing constant updates about how he progresses with the different tasks.

You can listen to him as he covers various topics like bringing the right team on board, selecting a brand, purchasing domains, organizing the apt tech, creating content, product and ideating about the strategies to monetize the web traffic.

It is every beginner’s dream come true. You get to experience the action that you will encounter while entering the SEO niche.

Highlight: Benefit from his learnings and get SEO right from the start to scale your new business.

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12. SEO with Mrs Ghost

Host: Alina Ghost

An outstanding SEO primer that pulls together all of the essential threads of what may be a difficult topic to grasp at first. Alina does an excellent job of explaining the complex, and she is ably assisted by some excellent supporting cast members.

Her podcasts are quite diverse with reputed guests on every episode. The best thing about her podcast is that she has started including an “ideal for XYZ” tag in her episode descriptions. For example her recent episode: *Ideal for SEOers in-house, SEO agency & SME owners* and *Ideal for all SEOers*

While you may find several podcasts that debunk the technical aspects of SEO, this podcast covers some topics like career progression as a search marketer, the fear of failure, and counselling skills that help combat stressors while performing digital marketing and SEO.

Highlight: A wholesome podcast that covers technical as well as career-building topics.

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13. Experts on the Wire

Host: Dan Shure

This podcast appeals to us because it highlights the skills and understanding of some of the best in the business. Few other podcasts contain as many well-known guests as Dan, who has interviewed over 100 SEO thought leaders, including John Mueller and Rand Fishkin.

Dan features guests he personally feels excited to learn from, and topics he knows his audience will love. He aims at delivering the same quality, longer-form, in-depth interviews that he has been doing consistently in the upcoming years.

This is a binge-worthy podcast because Dan digs deep into each interview to draw out the actionable advice and has a ton of really solid SEO content. He is a great interviewer who gets his guests spilling all their SEO secrets. This hooks the listeners to the episode. They understand the nitty-gritty of topics like A/B testing, Featured snippets, advanced eCommerce and technical SEO.

The podcast has been downloaded over 500,000 times and owes its popularity to being easy to grasp and update the listeners with the current SEO praises and techniques that work out every well.

Highlight: Ask queries through his platform to obtain answers from the experts.

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14. Make SEO Simple Again

Host: Daniel K Cheung

This podcast expands on the Make SEO Simple Again Facebook community, with the purpose of presenting inspiring stories from the world’s greatest digital marketing experts. A few examples include:

  • Bernard Huang, the co-founder of Clearscope, speaks openly about his ten years of failure. 
  • Matt Diggity, founder of Diggity marketing, the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, and several companies explains how a 30-day challenge taught him the fundamentals of online marketing. 
  • Major names like Lily Ray, Judith Lewis, Victor Pan, and Jamie Indigo honestly and gracefully reveal their own tales of failing, getting back up, falling again, and getting back up again, you’ll be motivated to overcome any problem you’re facing.

Join the conversation with self-made entrepreneurs and in-house marketers to learn more about SEO.

Highlight: Taking it back to basics with detailed explanations for beginners.

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Final thoughts

While you can find a plethora of SEO related podcasts out there, these 14 prove to be exceptional options for a good listen for any search marketer. It is essential to stay up to date on all things SEO irrespective of the niche you specialize in. All of these podcasts are free and aid in thinking outside your business mindsets.

The spectrum of opinions and learning from their experiences will ignite a unique perspective. These podcasts can supplement your growth and help form multifaceted skill sets in the SEO arena. Drop a comment with your go-to SEO podcast that we might’ve missed.


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