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Your potential customer has anxieties before buying your product or service. She wants to be reassured she’s making the right buying decision.

Totally normal.

A recommendation from a friend, or a face-to-face chat from a customer who’s had a positive experience with what you’re selling, will do the trick. It’ll put her at ease.

These recommendations are really endorsements. The customer giving them has “skin in the game” and this gives credibility. Importantly, it gives your potential customer comfort.

This face-to-face recommendation is the most powerful testimonial your business can get. Our SEO agency have created a tool to help you with generating Google review links.

It doesn’t get any better.

Not even a superbly crafted written testimonial will be as good as seeing and hearing the authenticity of a customer who’s completely satisfied they’ve made the right buying decision.

So, how can this work online?

Most testimonials you see online are written. And unfortunately, most are flowery sentences with heaps of sugar-coated words that lack context. They don’t address your potential customers’ concerns and anxieties.

It gets worse. People are unsure whether a written testimonial is real or fake.

However, this is not so with a short video testimonial where they can see and hear the emotive authenticity. It’s the next best thing to being face to face.

Being able to show authenticity to build trust is the main differentiator between video and written testimonials.

Video is the real deal, so long as it’s done correctly.

How to get a short video customer testimonial

Firstly, how short is short? No more than 30 seconds.

And only your customer can give you a testimonial.

After all, it’s your customer who’s experienced your product or service that’s given them the results they were seeking.

So, to get a testimonial, you’ll need to ask for one. And preferably straight after your customer has made their purchase and is totally satisfied with the outcome.

A video testimonial doesn’t require a camera crew or fancy editing. Simply encourage your customers to record testimonials on their phones if they’re comfortable doing so. They can even send the short clips via social media if you’re on there.

But here’s the problem. Although your customer is likely to give you one, they have no idea what to say on the video to give the testimonial a meaningful impact.

This is where they’ll need help, or more specifically, some coaching.

For customers to give you a rich powerful testimonial that shows how they overcame their concerns, you need to ask them 5 questions.

These questions will give structure to the testimonial, and make it easy for your customer to break down their thoughts in a way that will benefit you the most.

The answer to each question can act as a standalone video testimonial or be combined, depending on how natural and comfortable the customer is doing video.

Ask your customer these 5 questions to help construct a testimonial

1. What was your main concern about buying this service?

There’s always anxiety or an obstacle to buying something. It could be money, time, relevance, or a whole host of other issues. This question makes your customer think about what could’ve been a deal-breaker. It’s important because if your customer is thinking about it, so are others.

2. What did you find as a result of buying this service?

Despite the customer’s concerns, the answer to this question addresses why the purchase was worth it and how it delivered the desired outcome.

3. Which specific feature did you like most about this service?

Vague answers are meaningless. That’s why this question focuses on a specific feature (or benefit) the customer most liked. A great answer would be rich in detail and explicit.

4. What are the other benefits of using this service?

This question gives the customer an opportunity to talk about other benefits they found most useful.

5. Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

No-one will recommend a product or service unless they feel strongly about it. Psychologically, the customer’s integrity is at stake.

However, a recommendation needs context, and that’s why the second question “if so, why?” needs to be asked.

You now have video testimonials, what’s next?

Video is a tough ask and most people are very self-aware in front of a camera. They’re nervous, awkward even, and it doesn’t feel natural.

The results are rarely polished cinematic production quality.

But that’s cool, it isn’t meant to be. The testimonial you receive from them, warts-and-all, is in their voice, tone, body language, and mannerisms. Authenticity will shine through.

That makes it spot on for an outstanding testimonial.

The testimonials given by your customers will provide valuable feedback, and most likely fit into three categories:

1. Some answers will be great as stand-alone testimonials or combined to form a testimonial.

2. Others may not serve as a testimonial but will give indispensable insights into what your customers are thinking.

3. And unfortunately, some will be just sugar-coated blah blah, like “The after sales support was good”.

Where to place video testimonials on a website

Ask enough customers and you’ll soon have a rich resource of valuable video testimonials.

Not all are equal. Some testimonials can be used to support certain benefits of your product or service. Others can assure the customer that you provide outstanding after-sales service. The list goes on depending on your business.

Don’t just throw them anywhere and everywhere. Testimonials need to be placed alongside a particular point you’re trying to make to have the best impact. After all, it’s the job of a testimonial to dispel any apprehensions.

Often all it takes is a bit of assurance for your potential customer to purchase what you’re offering, and a testimonial does that brilliantly.

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