How to Save Money and Boost Sales with Email Marketing
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If your business doesn’t utilise email marketing as part of your strategy, you’re missing out. Emails play a big part in the marketing efforts at our SEO agency.

You’re missing out on huge opportunities to make sales.

You’re missing out on an incredible way of keeping your customers engaged and extending their lifetime value.

And, you’re missing out on learning valuable information about your customers.

Email is still one of the most popular, and effective methods of modern marketing communications. Even despite the rise of social media marketing, email remains essential to a successful strategy.

Here are 5 reasons you should be using email marketing for your business:

1. It helps you stay connected and in the awareness of your customers

Not everyone who visits your website is ready to make a purchase right away.

Although they’re interested in your services, they might not be ready to commit just yet.

Having an email list they can sign up to gives you the opportunity to stay in their awareness. As they work through their decision process, they’ll get more familiar with your brand.

This will help them work out whether you make a good match. It also allows you to position yourself amongst the competition they’ll also be weighing up.

Put it this way – if you’re making the effort to nurture a relationship with a potential customer and the competition isn’t, you’re already miles ahead.

2. It’s cost-effective

At 66%, email has the highest conversion rate when compared to other marketing methods such as social media and direct mail.

And not only does it have an incredible conversion rate . . . 

Email generates the highest ROI. For every dollar spent, email marketing has the potential to generate up to $38 in return.

And unlike other channels, people can be reached via email anywhere, at any time.

3. It’s segmentation friendly

Email is one of the most personal ways of reaching your target customers because it can be tailored to their specific interests and actions.

By segmenting your email list, you can better tailor your emails to boost the personalisation of your messages to each customer.

You’ll be able to target your customers at different levels of awareness, and at different stages in their decision-making process.

The result? Increased open rates, engagement, and conversions.

In some cases, segmented campaigns have been shown to increase revenue by up to 760%.

4. It’s action-oriented

Because email is considered transactional by nature, it provides the perfect setting for CTAs.

But be careful not to overload your customers with too many options. Each email you send should only have one goal and one action. The more focussed and straightforward, the better.

When a potential customer visits your website, they’ll be overwhelmed by the wealth of options they’re given. But with email, you’re able to guide them to one action only, making it easy for them to take it on. Here are some advertising techniques you can use to make your email more actionable.

And the easier it is for your customers to take action, the more likely they’ll be to follow through.

5. It’s measurable

The great thing about email as a marketing tool is that it’s measurable, making it easy to gather data and optimise future campaigns.

With the right software, you can track your delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, revenue per email, conversions, and more.

You’ll be able to use this information to find out what’s working – and what isn’t. This means you can spend more time (and budget) on the right things, instead of stabbing in the dark and hoping it works this time around.

So, where to from here?

Now you know why email marketing is such an effective tool for your business, it’s time to get started on setting up your own. If you need someone to help you with this process you can always reach out to Supple – a leading Digital Marketing Agency.

Keep an eye out for our next post on how to choose the best email service provider for your business.


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