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            • What does Keywords Grouper do?

              Organizing keywords into buckets or groups is not a fun or exciting process but the need to do them plays a crucial part in SEO. Organizing keywords according to themes helps with content optimization , it will give you insights into deciding if you want to break up the content into multiple pieces and even creating a rough idea of the site structure.

              Wouldn't it be great if you have a way to quickly visualize the keywords into groups and just drag and drop groups of keywords into thematic groups OR URLs that you want to target them?

              Well that was the issue our team had and to make their lives easier we created a tool for it, we are releasing this publicly so the SEO community can benefit from it and spend less time organizing keywords into groups and focus on other aspects of SEO.

            • Group Keywords Visually

              We break down the given list of keywords into 1,2,3 4 and 4+ word groups you can sort and search them to quickly get a high level idea of the thematic groups they can be sorted into.

            • Content Silo Structure

              Grouping keywords into groups is one of fundamental steps for creating a silo structure, this helps you with that process.

            • Code Free Way to Group Keywords

              No need to mess around in Google sheets, excel or python. Just drag and drop them around into groups.

            Keyword lists can be massive and your mobile, no matter how awesome, just won't cut it.

            Fact is, your Keyword grouping needs to be done on a desktop.

            To make it easy, we'll email a reminder link to the tool when you're desktop ready. Schedule a date and time below.

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