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How Supple Helped Superior Healthcare Get an 18500% Return On Ad Spend on Facebook!

2020 will go down as the year where we all had to change our behaviours.

We learned about social distancing, became a bit obsessed with hand sanitiser, and realised just how often we touch our faces every day.

The pandemic also led to changes in the market and consumer behaviour, meaning marketing agencies had to look beyond traditional forecasting and trends when planning their campaigns.

At Supple, we partnered with our client Superior Healthcare to drive traffic and sales to their website in a Facebook advertising campaign.

Prior to working with Supple, Superior Healthcare had never undertaken a social media marketing campaign of any kind, and by the end of July 2020, the results they saw were phenomenal.

Superior Healthcare achieved an 18500% ROAS for July, and it didn’t take crazy marketing budgets or social media stunts.

All it took was a talented team who were willing to adapt to changing circumstances, and some SEO fundamentals to help this social media campaign on its way.


Getting Eyes on the Prize: Building Brand Awareness for Superior Healthcare

While Superior Healthcare had never run a social media campaign before, we knew that there were several audiences we could nurture through our Facebook campaign.

Superior Healthcare supplies products for individuals as well as aged care facilities, GP clinics, and other healthcare environments. As an online business, they were also well-positioned to respond to changing customer demand driven by the pandemic.

For our campaign, we decided to focus on the following audiences:
  • Individuals who would make repeat purchases of healthcare supplies
  • Customers looking for in-demand medical supplies such as face masks, hand sanitiser, and thermometers

By targeting these two audience segments, we were able to capture individuals looking for particular supplies during a time of unprecedented demand, as well as the many customers who shifted to buying medical supplies online as it became the safer, more responsible option.

While this campaign did not target audiences such as GP clinics and aged care homes, we reasoned that an increase in brand exposure could drive these audiences to Superior Healthcare in the future.


From Viewers to Customers: How We Achieved a Phenomenal Return on Ad Spend!


Before they will buy from you, your audience has to know you, like you, and trust you.

To target the audiences mentioned above, Supple used a simple but effective method. For one month, we implemented a standard traffic campaign through Facebook Ads to grow Superior Healthcare’s brand awareness on Facebook and drive traffic to the website.

These ads focused on providing value through highly targeted content and creative assets that resonated with and engaged our target audiences. These ads then led users to relevant and informative sections of the Superior Healthcare website.

It wasn’t about selling. It was just about reaching out.

Following this initial traffic building campaign, we were able to shift to a full-funnel brand awareness and sales strategy through Facebook Ads.

Testing different creative assets
Testing and refining target audiences
Focusing on the best performing tactics

The key to our success? We never stopped focussing on brand awareness.


At all times, Supple maintained a high brand awareness budget to consistently funnel new traffic to the website. Some campaigns make the mistake of forgetting about brand awareness after the initial push, but we know you can never have too many eyes looking at your business.

The more people who knew about the brand, the more we could nurture them through our sales funnel, and the more customers we could gain for Superior Healthcare.

A Little Help from Our Friend SEO

At Supple, nothing exists in a vacuum. If we can boost your brand in more ways than one, we will.

While our Social Media team was working their magic, our SEO gurus were also playing a role. They ran an audit on the Superior Healthcare website and they also helped us capture customers looking for in-demand medical supplies.

Our SEO team:
  • Targeted top of the funnel keywords related to products such as face masks, hand sanitiser and thermometers
  • Created quality on-page content to capture these keywords
  • Increased internal links to these new pages
  • Networked quickly and effectively, allowing us to earn backlinks and further strengthen our SEO strategy

These efforts complemented our Social Media campaign and produced truly impressive results for Superior Healthcare.

From $2000 to $369,000: The Ultimate Reward for Superior Healthcare and Supple

Our focus on building Superior Healthcare’s brand awareness and website traffic has paid off hugely. It delivered not only increased page views from the target audience but also significant sales from customers who were ready to buy.

For the month of July 2020, Superior Healthcare connected with 108 paying customers on an ad budget of $2000.

This resulted in a Return on Ad Spend of 18500% or $369,449.95!
As well as this, our campaign also resulted in:
  • 19,900 people reached in the awareness campaign and more than 45,000 overall for July
  • An increase in organic website traffic by more than 355% in Q1 2020 compared to 2019, demonstrating the important role of SEO!

Supple has helped our business grow our online presence immensely. With the support of Sam and his team, we have added multiple revenue streams and attracted new clientele to our website. In the era where more consumers are turning to purchasing more of their health care products online, these guys are the best at what they do. We received regular reports on keyword google rankings, reports on our return on investment for funds directed towards social media advertising. It’s important to have someone you can trust – looking forward to working with Supple in the future on ournext growth phase.

Abdulhamid Adra
Operations Manager, Superior Healthcare

This experience has provided our team with new strategies for quickly connecting with customers during uncertain and changing times, and we will undoubtedly utilise these strategies with our clients going forward.

Importantly, we maintained a modest budget and followed digital marketing best practices along the way. This shows that any business can see these phenomenal results if they seize the opportunities as they come and put the right plans in place!