• 73.33%
    of keywords ranking on Google’s 1st Page
  • $1.4K
    savings in monthly traffic costs
  • 225%
    increase in monthly pageviews
  • 84%
    increase in monthly users

Melbourne Bathroom came to us in 2017, in desperate need of a website overhaul and strategy to boost their presence online.

Along with a website upgrade, they wanted to target users through organic search engine optimisation (SEO), targeting local keywords to increase traffic without paid Google Ads.

Two years on, after successfully implementing our SEO strategy, Melbourne Bathroom saves thousands on marketing annually, while traffic continues to increase steadily. All without spending a cent on advertising.

Steps to a Successful Online Strategy:
Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

To develop the most effective strategy for Melbourne Bathroom, we conducted extensive competitor analysis and keyword research. This information was vital in determining which keywords to target, in order to get the best results.

Website Upgrade for Best User Experience

Melbourne Bathroom’s website was in serious need of a modern, user-friendly upgrade. We wanted to prioritise responsiveness and user experience while keeping the potential for search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation as high as possible.

Optimising Website for Search Engines

To make Melbourne Bathroom’s new website as Google-friendly as possible, extensive on-page and off-page optimisation tactics were employed, some of which are ongoing to ensure they maintain their brilliant results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

After analyzing the conversion goals and receiving any feedback from our client, we’ll apply CRO tactics to the website to maximise results. This can include introducing specific landing pages, employing different CTAs, and optimising the website to best move users to take a specific action.


Our strategy to get Melbourne Bathroom ranking involved no Social Media or Google advertising whatsoever.

No Facebook Ads. No Google Ads. Just organic optimisation.

Instead, our focus was on getting Melbourne Bathroom’s site ranking highly in Google searches organically, through a combination of on-page and off-page optimisation. This included optimising site speed, multi-device responsiveness, and building high-quality backlinks.

Melbourne Bathroom chose to target 30 keywords, of which 53% are now ranking in the top 5, and 73% on page 1 of Google.

Because of their purely organic approach, Melbourne Bathroom is saving an average of $1.4K monthly on traffic from these keywords alone.

Since coming on board with our SEO agency Supple, Melbourne Bathroom have seen an 84% increase in monthly users, and a 225% increase in monthly views.

  • 73.33%
    of keywords ranking on Google’s 1st Page
  • 1.4K
    Saving in traffic costs every month
  • 225%
    increase in monthly pageviews
  • 53%
    of keywords in the top 5
  • 84%
    increase in monthly users
Moving Forward

Like with any good SEO strategy, our focus with Melbourne Bathroom is on achieving long-term, steady, and sustainable results.

We will continue to engage in off-site optimisation, such as backlinking, and website auditing at regular intervals to improve Melbourne Bathroom’s site performance and search engine rankings.

As Melbourne Bathroom’s goals change, so will our marketing agency's strategy, to meet new challenges accordingly. Our focus is on adapting strategy to meet the needs of the ever-changing online environment, so Melbourne Bathroom can focus on growing and thriving online.

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