• 759%
    increase in traffic
  • 400%
    growth in session duration
  • 933%
    increase in pageviews
  • >5x
    increase in conversion rate
Cutting Edge Stone organic site traffic (graph from Ahrefs)

After consistently seeing just over 100 users a month visiting their site, Cutting Edge Stone, a Melbourne-based natural stone benchtop supplier, came on board with Supple in 2017.

They wanted to boost their business through SEO, making it easier to be found online, improve user experience, and optimize conversions.

No Facebook Ads. No Google Ads. Just organic optimization.

(And a bit of Supple magic, of course.)

Steps to a Successful Online Strategy:
Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

To develop the most effective strategy for Cutting Edge Stone, our SEO agency conducted extensive competitor analysis and keyword research. This information was vital in determining which keywords to target, in order to get the best results.

Website Upgrade for Best User Experience

Cutting Edge Stone’s website was in serious need of a modern, user-friendly upgrade. We wanted to prioritise responsiveness and user experience while keeping the potential for search engine optimization and conversion optimization as high as possible.

Optimizing Website for Search Engines

To make Cutting Edge Stone’s new website as Google-friendly as possible, extensive on-page and off-page optimization tactics were employed, some of which are ongoing to ensure they maintain their brilliant results.

Optimizing Conversions

Getting Cutting Edge Stone ranking highly in Google is one thing, but making it as easy as possible for site visitors to make an enquiry, get a quote, or simply get in contact is the difference between simply getting traffic, or getting customers.


Our work with Cutting Edge Stone is a testament to the power of true SEO.

To this day, we haven’t run any social media advertising or Google Ads at all for Cutting Edge Stone.

Instead, with a new site upgrade, and a combination of extensive onsite and offsite optimization, we managed to increase traffic by 759% and page views by 933% within 24 months.

Now over a staggering 80% of Cutting Edge Stone’s business comes directly from organic traffic - saving them over $4K a year in Google Ads spend.

Cutting Edge Stone’s branded vs. non-branded traffic (chart from SEMrush)

Cutting Edge Stone also wanted to start generating more leads and enquiries through their website, which was severely underperforming in 2017.

An easy to navigate ‘Get a Quote’ page offers 2 different methods of obtaining a quote for customers at different stages in their journey.

Together with the implementation of a ‘Quick Enquiry’ box on the home page, it’s easier than ever for customers to take action on the new website.

These changes have helped increase conversions by more than 5 times their initial rate!

  • 5x
    increase in conversion rate
  • 759%
    increase in organic traffic
  • 18
    keywords ranking on Google’s 1st Page
  • 933%
    increase in pageviews
  • 400%
    growth in session duration
  • 80%
    of business from organic traffic
Moving Forward

As you can see, these results have not been a quick fix. Like all good SEO strategies, our digital marketing agency focus on achieving and maintaining long-term results that makes a difference.

Cutting Edge Stone’s strategy is ongoing in order to maintain these amazing results. This includes consistent backlink building and website auditing, keyword tracking and conversion rate analysis, which continue to help improve site performance into the future.

As new challenges come into play, Supple will continue to adapt and refine Cutting Edge Stone’s strategy, so they can continue to reach new successes as they grow and thrive online.

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