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Maroondah Air is a Melbourne-based home heating and cooling service, offering installations across a range of air conditioning units and ducted systems. Based in Bayswater North, they’ve been providing their services throughout Melbourne for over twenty years.

Web Design

Client’s Web Design Requirements

To begin with, a thorough web design audit was made by the Supple team into the company’s existing site. Several key areas were identified as needing improvement, which were brought up and discussed with the Maroondah Air team in follow-up meeting. The consensus was that the site in its current incarnation was a little behind the times, not particularly intuitive to navigate and wasn’t as immediately light, open and visually appealing as it could be - leading to a poor browsing experience. The Maroondah Air team also felt that their logo could be given an update. Supple’s design specialists drafted a design document and, running these mock-ups by Maroondah Air, came up with smart solutions to these issues.



Supple’s Web Design Solutions

In its new incarnation, the Maroondah Air website became sleek and modern. We streamlined the overall site structure, and then further streamlined navigation by adding drop-down options in the top menu. Complete with a new, polished take on the company’s logo, the home page also featured a rotating carousel of high-quality images as the primary hero image. Awards Maroondah Air had received, including a number of WOMO Service Awards, were centred in the site’s design rather than hidden away at the bottom of the page. The overall colour scheme was modified to be lighter and more cohesive - creating a better user experience for browsing customers. The collective effect of these many changes created a new website that the Maroondah Air team felt reflected their brand image.



Responsive Design

Modernising the Maroondah Air site was one of the top priorities that we were given during our design consultation period - and what’s more modern that keeping with the times and creating a site with responsive design. Increasingly people are turning to tablets and mobiles to browse the net, and Google has begun rewarding these mobile optimised sites in the search rankings. In overhauling the Maroondah Air site, we added responsive design - to see how it looks, check out our responsive simulator above.



Client's SEO Requirements

Maroondah Air were looking to boost their online visibility and search rankings for Melbourne-based air conditioning services. A relatively straightforward request, but particular considerations had to be taken as per the client’s individual needs. Maroondah Air provides a very wide range of services underneath the banner of air conditioning, including; heating, cooling, designing complete AC systems, installing AC units, providing ongoing AC servicing and repairs, consulting services and more. Ensuring that Maroondah Air was experiencing search ranking improvement across the full range of services they provide, throughout the full service area they operate in, called for large-scale keyword research into their industry.


Old Unoptimised Website - Slow to load
Old website
New Performance Optimised Website - Quick to load
New website

Supple’s SEO Solutions

Once keyword research had been done, Supple worked to produce premium, keyword rich content for Maroondah Air to boost their organic results. In tandem with this, we moved the site to WordPress. This would have a dual effect. Firstly, migrating to WordPress and incorporating website optimised code meant that we could easily and effectively improve site loading speeds. WordPress is also a strong platform for content management, and moving to it meant that we could quickly and easily upload keyword rich content, assess its performance and change it without hassle. Ensuring we mapped URLs during this process ensured ranking wasn’t lost in this transition period.


With an optimised site, keyword rich content and a content management system that made updating keywords and meta-content easy (based on results from Supple’s regular quarterly SEO audits), Maroondah Air went from strength to strength in their organic rankings.



Client's Adwords Requirements

While Maroondah Air were focused on improving their organic results, combining an SEO strategy with an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy meant that they could boost their reach even more. However, simply paying for AdWords isn’t necessarily the most strategic approach to SEM - and that’s a request Maroondah Air came to us with, to deliver an AdWords strategy that delivered the most bang for their buck. AdWords operates on a pay-per-click model - but if you’re not targeting these ads to searches that they really pertain to, you might end up paying a lot to put your site in front of people who aren’t really interested in taking further action. Supple specialises in this kind of SEM strategy, and were happy to brainstorm clever approaches to Maroondah Air’s requirements.


Clicks Before Supple
Conversions Before Supple
Clicks After Supple
Conversions After Supple

Supple’s Adwords Solutions

Supple utilised a number of SEM strategies to improve the specificity with which Maroondah Air’s AdWords campaign operated. Taking some cues from our SEO research, we identified the keyword searches that were most in line with the services Maroondah Air offered. We also utilised “negative keywords” - i.e. identifying certain searched terms which signalled that a click through conversion was unlikely, like the names of suburbs Maroondah Air didn’t operate in.


Ensuring compelling copy in the AdWords themselves was also a priority, highlighting Maroondah Air’s broad range of services and award-winning track record. However, given such positive results yielded from Maroondah Air’s SEO strategy, their AdWords strategy has gradually begun to take a backseat.


Google Partner Accredited

Only agencies that achieve the high standards set by Google can be certified as Google Partners, providing trusted online marketing solutions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Client's CRO Requirements

While smart keyword selection and the use of “negative keywords” in AdWords is a way to boost conversion rates from a browsing user’s first click, Maroondah Air wanted a broader investigation into why many of their site visitors weren’t turning into customers, and whether that ratio could be improved. This investigation would involve collecting data on how potential customers interacted with their site, implementing changes based on this data and assessing whether there had been a meaningful improvement.



Supple’s CRO Solutions


Our primary means of collecting this data was through heatmap testing and AB testing. Heatmap testing allowed Supple to investigate where customers were clicking most. Investigating Maroondah Air’s site from this angle gave us quantitative data on the user's’ interest in the awards Maroondah Air had won for their service - making it an easy design choice to place links to these awards front and centre. With AB Testing, which involves showing half of site visitors one site and the other half a slightly modified site, we could assess whether a particular colour scheme or hero image was drawing in more conversions.

We look at the client's requirements and use various 3rd party services like Jaco, Hotjar, Lucky Orange, etc., to achieve this.



Client Testimonials

Our business sought the expert advice of Supple Solutions in 2014 as we had concerns that our marketing strategy and website were not in align with our business objective to grow into a market leader, from early on in discussions Supple Solutions were fantastic, easy to deal with kept the terminology precise and simple and did not talk in tech language, they designed a fantastic new website for us that was device compatible and very user friendly and in conjunction we put a SEO marketing strategy together that has not only seen an increase in sales but a reduced outlay to our marketing budget.I would highly recommend the team at Supple Solutions to any business that is looking to improve their marketing strategy and website design.

Stuart Lancaster
General Manager

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