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Apollo Patios is a patio design and installation service that provides patios, pergolas, carports and a range of outdoor entertaining areas to Australian home-owners. With a 27 Point Lifestyle Checklist and custom designs Apollo Patios is able to provide tailored designs for properties, large and small, throughout Australia.

Web Design

Client’s Web Design Requirements

Supple identified the design of Apollo Patios’ existing site as an area for improvement. We started with a complete design audit, noting the site’s unstructured & cluttered content, outdated visual aesthetic and lack of highlighted promotions as key problem areas. Initially, the site’s home page included large blocks of text and low-quality text, which - as a visitor’s first impression of the brand - could account for their less than ideal conversion rates. Drawing up a design document in collaboration with the Apollo Patios team, we developed a new website that they loved.


Supple’s Web Design Solutions

Our plan involved addressing the site’s structure first. Supple removed unnecessary content and merged overlapping content to streamline a visitor’s browsing experience. Efficiently restructuring product pages under an easy-to-use menu banner, we then moved onto updating the look and feel of Apollo Patios. We modernized the website design, incorporating rolling image galleries and high impact call-to-action buttons with sleek fonts and a unified colour scheme. We gave the homepage a high-quality hero image to give visitors a great first impression, and highlighted key promotions like the free downloadable booklet, ‘Alarming & Costly Mistakes of Home Additions’.

Responsive Design

The lack of responsive design was one of the key areas where the Apollo Patios site was behind the times. An increasing number of searches are occurring on mobile platforms, and search engines like Google are even giving page ranking boosts to responsive and mobile optimised sites. Supple added responsive design to Apollo Patios  – take a look at how it works with our responsive simulator below.


Client's SEO Requirements

In regards to search engine optimisation, the client’s requirements were pretty standard – rank better on search engines! But that’s an overly simplified way of looking at what the client wanted. Apollo Patios is a business that provides installations throughout Victoria, so ensuring they were ranking well for local searches in all of the suburbs and regions they service was key. Other aspects of their site, like slow loading speeds and the platform the site was developed on were having a negative impact on their ranking. Finally, the client wanted to easily and effectively track their keywords, rankings and online visibility to stay on top of their SEO themselves.


Old Unoptimised Website - Slow to load
Old SLOW website
New Performance Optimised Website - Quick to load
New website

Supple’s SEO Solutions

One of the first things we did was turn Apollo Patios’ old, slow-loading site into one that was blazing fast. Increasing loading speeds is a two-for-one – not only does Google give ranking boosts to fast loading pages, it will enhance visitor conversion rates. Loading speed optimisation primarily involved minifying CSS and JavaScript in the client’s site, eliminating inline scripts. We migrated the entire site from Joomla to WordPress – a platform that’s easy to use and update for SEO or branding purposes - but ensuring we mapped URLs to the new location and applied appropriate redirects meant there was no loss of ranking in the transition.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Client's CRO Requirements

One of Apollo Patios’ biggest requests was for us to improve their conversion rates. As they were using AdWords, low conversion rates equate to money being paid per click that isn’t offering a strong return. They wanted us to gauge why site visitors weren’t turning into customers, and then optimise their site according to that data. Ensuring each and every site visitor had a smooth and enjoyable experience using and browsing their site was, ultimately, what they wanted us to help them achieve.


Here is a heatmap simulation, move the move over the image below and see how we track move movement from visitors.



Supple’s CRO Solutions


Supple used two techniques to collect data on how visitors were interacting with the Apollo Patios site. The first was using heatmaps – these are visual representations of how visitors interact with your site, including which buttons they click most and how far down a page they scroll. We also used AB Testing – this involves showing 50% of site visitors one version of the site, then the rest a slightly modified version of the same content. This might be as simple as having a different colour scheme or different shape buttons. Measuring conversion rates for each version can tell you which visitors prefer. With all this data, we identified what visitors liked – and did more of it!


We also used event tracking and session recording to see how visitors interacted with the content on the website. We look at the client's requirements and use various 3rd party services like Jaco, Hotjar, Lucky Orange, etc., to achieve this.



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