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Access Health is a leading supplier of medical equipment and fitness products - but streamlining their site into an engaging e-commerce platform gave them an edge on other providers.

Web Design

Client’s Web Design Requirements

The biggest requirement for Access Health in terms of web design was picking a functional and efficient Content Management System (CMS) - one that could handle large scale eCommerce sales. At the time Access Health was operating on a custom CMS. However, the company that had built the custom CMS had closed and they had lost their login details, leaving the Access Health team at a loss for how to migrate their products to a new system.


They were also looking to overhaul the look and feel of their site’s design. Giving the site a modern feel was a priority, as well as making it brighter and more visually engaging. In its previous incarnation the Access Health site was a little text heavy, without making full use of product images - especially as a way to navigate categories and subcategories within a confusing site structure.


Supple’s Web Design Solutions

Our first move was to bring Access Health across to OpenCart, a popular eCommerce CMS that would be equipped to handle their online needs. To grab thousands of individual product details and take them to the new site, Supple’s technical team had to develop custom scrapers to collect and import information in the migration process.


Ensuring redirects were in place on the old site guaranteed no link equity loss, so traffic was maintained - and then improved - onto the new site OpenCart’s easy-to-use eCommerce system meant that the Access Health team were empowered to take more direct control over their own site, updating products, prices and information faster and with less fuss.


The site itself was restructured, with a clearer, user-friendly drop down menu in place. Large, visually captivating hero images were added to the home page on an automatically rotating carousel, giving the site a dynamic look and feel. A categories box on the homepage (which linked to its own dedicated page) made use of images rather than pure text to guide the visitor through the types of products Access Health sold.


At the end of the web design overhaul, the Access Health team were satisfied with their sleek looking site and intuitive content management system.


Responsive Design

More and more, internet users are searching on a range of mobile devices and platforms. Going into redesigning the site, Supple was committed to ensuring a responsive, mobile-optimised experiences for users on smartphones or tablets. It’s a factor that Google’s search ranking algorithm takes into account favourably, driving better UX sites up the page. It also helps conversion rates for site visitors who are using these devices. To take a look at how the Access Health site looks on a tablet or mobile, click through our responsive simulator below!



Client's SEO Requirements

Our initial SEO consultation with Access Health revealed they were looking to raise their online visibility and search ranking - a typical request from any business, particularly an eCommerce one such as Access Health. However, there were a few requirements specific to their business and industry they needed us to take into account.


For one, the sheer breadth of products Access Health provided meant that a broad range of keyword research and market investigation was needed.


By the same token, an understanding of who would be buying these many products was required. While many of Access Health’s products (including ‘Daily Living’ aids) could be searched for and found by individual people, the majority of Access Health customers are medical / care practitioners. Ensuring that keywords were relevant to that specific demographic, with targeted keyword-rich content tailored to them, became key.


Old Unoptimised Website - Slow to load
Old website
New Performance Optimised Website - Quick to load
New website


Supple’s SEO Solutions

Supple provided the breadth of keyword research necessary to get Access Health ranking for their broad range of supplies. Custom, keyword-rich content was produced in a tone and vernacular that appealed to medical professionals and care practitioners. This helped Access Health move up the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and, ultimately, secure more sales.


Connecting the company’s eCommerce services with the eBay store also increased the avenues and search engines Access Health could be found on.


One of the many design improvements we made was improving page loading speed. Fast loading speed is a positive that Google’s search ranking algorithm takes into account, and with their laser fast new site Access Health was able to improve both their online visibility and user experience.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Client's CRO Requirements

One of Access Health's biggest requests was for us to improve their conversion rates. As they were using AdWords, low conversion rates equate to money being paid per click that isn’t offering a strong return. They wanted us to gauge why site visitors weren’t turning into customers, and then optimise their site according to that data. Ensuring each and every site visitor had a smooth and enjoyable experience using and browsing their site was, ultimately, what they wanted us to help them achieve.



Supple’s CRO Solutions


Supple used two techniques to collect data on how visitors were interacting with the Access Health site. The first was using heatmaps – these are visual representations of how visitors interact with your site, including which buttons they click most and how far down a page they scroll. We also used AB Testing – this involves showing 50% of site visitors one version of the site, then the rest a slightly modified version of the same content. This might be as simple as having a different colour scheme or different shape buttons. Measuring conversion rates for each version can tell you which visitors prefer. With all this data, we identified what visitors liked – and did more of it!

We look at the client's requirements and use various 3rd party services like Jaco, Hotjar, Lucky Orange, etc., to achieve this.



Client Testimonials

Access Health engaged Supple to host and improve the website that we had with Exa. We are very pleased with the transition and would recommend Supple to any company looking for good partners to host their website and do their SEO.

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